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Hi Im orrigin

2013-12-25 15:21:16 by Orrigin

i make music for games and movies here on newgrounds.


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2013-12-25 15:40:43

Merry Christmas, and welcome to Newgrounds!

Orrigin responds:

thanks bud, merry christmas.


2013-12-25 15:42:06

Welcome buddy!
And Merry Christmas :)

Orrigin responds:

thanks for the warm welcome and merry christmas to you too.


2013-12-27 00:31:59

Yeah sorry bro, wanted to write something nice on your review but I copypasted different convo in there.


2016-04-03 17:21:59

Sorry for this, but after reading your name i really need to share this


Orrigin responds:



2016-05-06 13:38:24

Yeah, InFinity Records asked me to search for some musical artists for their first album, joining is totally free. They're practically doing a contest of best songs on the motive "Discovery" (name of their first album) Here's their group page on SoundCloud if you're interested.
They're looking for trance, edm (electro dance movement) or house songs.